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About Us

Cruxsys founded on January 1st 2012, is an IT and IT enabled services provider based in Cochin/India. Our team consists of youthful and enthusiastic IT professionals with vast experience and excellent expertise in their domains. We believe technologies should make lives easier and better. We pride ourselves in going beyond the expectations of our clients and providing future proof solutions, employing the latest technologies. Our passion for excellence and perfection in everything we do, is the driving force behind the quality solutions we provide. Our team consists of expert UI/UX professionals, Web and mobile application developers, Certified Server Support Professionals, Internet Marketers etc.


Design Services

Our team consists of well experienced UI/UX specialists and multimedia professionals. Our front end engineers are specialized in creative designs combined with responsive layouts, which are essential for the success of every web/mobile app. They are also adept in various other design services for web/print media.

Application Development

We are well experienced in developing web apps ranging from simple ecommerce solutions to very complex highly scalable and high availability web apps, mobile apps, customising open source applications and developing custom applications. We employ agile practices in software development to optimize the quality of the applications we develop and the efficiency of our developers.

IT infrastructure maintenance

Our Server Support professionals are equiped with global certifications and years of experience in architecting and maintaining IT infrastructures. They are also well versed in various cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Rackspace cloud, GoGrid etc.

SEO and Social Media Marketing

Having a well designed website is of no use, if no traffic is generated and prospective customers are not aware of your online presence. Our SEO and Social Media Marketing team helps businesses to develop a game plan for bringing prospective customers to their website. We also help businesses in developing a social media marketing strategy for events, products etc.

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